Landlord declares to have rented out the bicycle described below and to have delivered it in good condition to Tenant, who declares to have rented the e-bike and received it in good condition from Landlord.

Specifics: The customer can insure the e-bike for 5 euros and is covered for all costs related to the e-bike, such as tire repairs, front fork, pedals, lights, rims—in fact, for the entire e-bike.

Article 1

  1. During the period that the Tenant has the use of the e-bike, all costs related to the use of the e-bike, such as parking and tire repairs, are the responsibility of the Tenant.
  2. Any transport costs for the e-bike are the responsibility of the tenant.

Article 2 Repairs to the e-bike without the Tenant’s permission are the responsibility of the Tenant.

Article 3 The Tenant is liable for all damages caused by the loss of accompanying documents, such as an insurance certificate and any border documents.

Article 4 The Tenant acknowledges that no other insurances have been taken out for the e-bike, other than those explicitly mentioned. Any additional or extended insurance desired by the Tenant must be arranged and paid for by the Tenant.

Article 5

  1. The Tenant is liable for all damages caused to the e-bike and its accessories during the rental period, as well as any resulting consequential damages, regardless of whether the Tenant is at fault or whether such damages are caused by force majeure. For example, damages caused by fire.
  2. Tenant indemnifies Landlord from any damages caused by passengers or third parties for which Landlord may be held liable under the law, and for which Landlord’s liability insurance may not provide coverage.
  3. Tenant indemnifies Lessor against all fines, transactions, administrative sanctions, etc., that may be imposed on Lessor for violations or offenses committed by Tenant and/or the driver and/or passengers during the Rental Period. Tenant assumes the full risk and responsibility for such fines, transactions, and administrative sanctions in relation to Lessor, and to the extent possible, externally as well.
  4. Clauses 2 and 3 do not apply if the Tenant can prove that the amounts owed to the Lessor are the result of a defect in the e-bike that existed at the start of the rental.

Article 6 In case of damage or loss, whether caused by the fault of the Tenant and/or the driver of the e-bike or not, whether related to the e-bike and/or any accompanying document and/or any other property, or caused to any third party, the Tenant is obliged to immediately notify the Landlord by telephone and confirm it in writing. The Tenant must comply with the instructions given by the Landlord and, if possible, file a report with the police. If such notification is not made and the instructions are not followed, the Tenant shall be liable for the damages suffered by the Landlord as a result of this omission.

Article 7 The Tenant is not liable for costs and/or damages suffered by the Tenant, the driver of the e-bike, or anyone riding the bike, as a result of damages, defects, or loss of the bike and its accessories, whether by themselves or by third parties.

Article 8 Rental Period If the e-bike is rented per day, a new day’s rental will be charged if the e-bike is not returned to the Landlord before 24:00 hours. If the e-bike is used for a longer period than agreed, the rental will be automatically extended, and the provisions of this rental agreement will remain in effect as long as the agreed maximum extension of the rental period is not exceeded.

Article 9 If the Tenant fails to return the rented e-bike to the Landlord within the agreed maximum extension of <term> of the rental period, the Tenant shall owe the Landlord a penalty of €20 per day that the e-bike is late, without the need for any notice of default.

Article 10 YOUR RAYAN RENT E-BIKE MAY BE STOLEN. IF THIS HAPPENS, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE LANDLORD. IF THIS OCCURS, YOU MUST FILE A REPORT WITH THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY AND THEN COME TO OUR OFFICE IN BARCELONA WITH THE POLICE REPORT AND THE BIKE KEYS, AND PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A COPY OF THE KEYS. The Landlord has the right to terminate the contract at any time without judicial intervention if, in their opinion, the e-bike is not being used properly by the Tenant. Agreed and drawn up in duplicate in the city